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Missed Penalty

If you want to enter a missed penalty to the match, you can do it following the same procedure used for inserting all other match events previously described.

Penalty events ca be added only if Penalty shootout phase is added on the Match form

  • On the list of players previously assigned to the Line-up, select the desired player related to the event you wish to enter.

  • One-click on the players opens the window for entering match events.

  • Penalty shootout as the Event type

  • Enter the minute in which the penalty occurred

  • Selects the Penalty shootout - in this particular case, mark the event "Missed penalty."

  • Once you have entered all the required information, click the 💾 Save button. The event remains automatically stored in the system.

Once you save the event, it becomes automatically visible on the Line-up of players with the appropriate icon and the minute in which the event occurred. Also, the event automatically becomes visible on all related reports and statistics.

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