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Add Annex to Contract

To Add the Annex to the existing contract, the player must have an active contract with the club where he is registered.

Now, there is a direct relation between registration and contract which means that contracts are linked to specific registration in COMET . The process of the contract entry in COMET has been changed accordingly, new contracts are now created on the player’s registration window.

In order to add the Annex to a Contract

  • Select the Active Contracts Tab on the person’s profile

  • On the Contract entry hit the Options -> Annex button

  • This will open the additional Window entry for New Annex

  • Fill all required fields ( marked in red)

(grey lightbulb) Note that the name of the association, the name of the club and a contract type are automatically copied from the main contract details

  • (grey lightbulb) (grey lightbulb) In case you are extending the duration/ “date to” of the main/ parent contract with the new Annex please this the Update date to on parent contract

  • Hit the Save button 💾

  • This will set the annex to the initial status of the contract confirmation workflow (e.g. status ENTERED)

ℹ️ The new annex is now accessible from the Active Contracts tab, Annex Panel:

  • ✏ Select the Edit button to make any changes and to proceed with contract confirmation workflow.

  • 📂 Click the Documents button to upload copy of the Contract or other documents

  • 🔽 Click the Options button for other actions such as adding details about the Compensations, etc.

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