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Automatic Amateur-Pro Change

COMET System now has a new Change registration level functionality — an automated solution for terminating an amateur-level player registration and creating a new one for the same club with a professional level or vice-versa.

The change of player’s registration from Amateur to Professional within the same club should be clearly separated and transparently displayed in the Players’ passports. In order to make sure that registration records are complete and accurate, as per FIFA rules and regulations, this new feature hopes to assist the club users and player administrators by reducing some of the manual work, while still conforming to the registration rules that are imposed by each association.

The Club Admin/ Referent can start the process and make the change starting from the currently active registration. After that, the new registration needs to be reviewed and confirmed by the Admin of Players user on the association level (regional or national).

Please note that only users with certain permission roles (e.g. Club Referents, Player Administrators, Superusers) are able to view and edit the Registration details and History of the Player and execute the following action.

Steps to Change Level

  • Open the Profile of the Player

  • Access the Active registrations tab

  • Press the Edit button ✏

  • Click OptionsChange to Professional

  • Change Status dialog will open and you will be asked if you are sure that you want to change the status from ‘Amateur' to ‘Professional' (or the opposite from 'Professional’ to 'Amateur’)

  • Click the Yes button to proceed

Please take into account that if there is an active contract linked to the registration you are trying to “change”, then the system will prevent you from making the switch. The active contract needs to be terminated prior to executing this action.

Important Notes

  • ☑️ This action will automatically terminate the active registration:

    • The “Date to” of the TERMINATED registration is the day when you executed this action

    • The TERMINATED registration can be reviewed in the player's history

    • Status log will be updated with our automatic description of the change

  • ☑️ New registration for the same club will be automatically created, with the changed level

    • The registration will have to be set to CONFIRMED by authorized users

    • The “Date from” of the registration is automatically filled with tomorrow’s date

    • If a new contract has been signed by the player, you will need to add this new contract to the new registration and upload the documents, according to your own registration processes

    • In order to add a new contract, click the Options button → New Contract

Please take into account that if the player is currently listed in any competition rosters (catalog, provisional list, lista de buena fe) with the previous registration that was just terminated, he/she will not be available for matches. Competition roster(s) will have to be manually updated, if the person is still eligible to continue playing in the same competition.

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