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National Team Tab

In order to create a National Team registration

  • Select the profile of the Player for the national team registration

  • Click the National team button

  • The system now shows the National team tab with fields for creating national team registration.

The "National team" tab is shown on the screen only if:

  • a person has a national team registration of a particular type

  • or if the creation of national team registration is requested.

Since most persons within the system are not involved with the national team, the national team tab is hidden for them.

▶ This feature is useful for the user whose national team is selected for national team registration as for players the registration is determined by a person's nationality.

Saving new national team registration sets the status automatically CONFIRMED.

▶ Information on national team registration is removed from the person's profile, but the input fields are still kept in the search mode to allow searching of national team registered persons.

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