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Close Monetary Sanctions

The System allows you to close one or more monetary sanctions using the Monetary sanctions console.

One typical scenario for using this feature would be when a Club submits a payment to the association for some amount in order to cover one or more unpaid monetary sanctions issued to the club or its players or staff. In such a case, instead of manually opening one case at a time and closing one sanction at a time, the console allows the user to do it „in bulk“.

In order to close sanction(s):

  • Check all the checkboxes next to the sanctions you want to close,

  • Press the Close sanctions button at the bottom of the screen.

  • The window for closing sanctions opens immediately.

  • Complete the mandatory field “Date to“ and add a note (if required) a

  • Press the Close button

After completing described action, the selected sanctions will no longer appear on the list of active monetary sanctions.

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