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Table of Standings

For Round-Robin (League) Competitions, on the Table tab you can see the position table (Standings) and select the rules for calculating it.

  • If entering changes of rules for calculating the position table, press the Refresh button to store changes in the system.

  • The table refreshes automatically, once the match is played, according to the rules for calculating the position table.

At any moment from this tab you can print reports of “Tables“, “Top scorers“, “Accumulated yellow cards“ and ‘'Pending Suspensions’' with updated data. These reports, and many more, are available to COMET users within the COMET DATA platform.

To define and select rules for calculating the table:

  • Press the ➕ sign button on the Rules for calculating the competition table:

  • Use arrows ↔ (left and right) to move criteria to the Selected row

  • Use arrows ↕ (up and down) to move criteria according to their priority in the Selected row

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