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COMET Data Superuser Role

This information is relevant only for SUPERUSERS of the organization. SUPERUSERS are responsible for creating new user accounts and assigning roles for each person who will have access to the COMET system.

Taking the business needs of our clients into account we have recognized the benefit of the configuration of the COMET Data Superuser role.

The new role is added to the set of roles that can be assigned to COMET Users. COMET Users who have this role assigned have an identical set of permissions (hierarchically) in the COMET Data Platform as the COMET Superuser but the superuser's set of permissions is not applied in the COMET App.

That means that users with role DATA SUPERUSER will have access to ALL reports in COMET DATA. However, they will not have any transactional right in the COMET System.

The logic of assigning roles to the new and existing users is the same. Please consult the article:

This role is intended for users who need full API Access to ALL Data in COMET. In case that you do not want to provide users access to all Data in COMET, but only to a portion of it, then you should (as Superuser) create the API KEYS yourself for the reports that you want to share, and provide the respective API KEYs to the user. You can find info on how to generate the API KEY in the following article: API Access to COMET Data

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