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Age Category Details

Understanding and managing Competition types correctly in COMET is very important, since it has a direct impact on disciplinary sanctions and their scope.

By specifying a certain Age category in the Competition type, some of the predefined details that control your competition are automatically applied (such as min age of the player, age of the player, reference date, number of players on the field, match duration, half-time break, extra time length, and extra time break).

The system configurations defined by a specific Age category are now displayed in the system which provides Competition administrators/ Superuser insight into all important details defined by the age category specified in Competition type.

💡 To preview Age Category Information please hit the (info) button next to the Age category field. This will open the Age Category Details form in a pop-up window

Please note that these fields are defined per Age Category, are protected and you are not allowed to change them.

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