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Registration Competitions

In order to participate in Competitions and Matches, any person must have a valid active registration. For example, if this person is a player, he/she must have a Confirmed registration in the appropriate discipline for his/her Club or National team. Similarly, if this person is a referee, he/she must be registered as an active referee in the country (association) that manages the competition.

A valid active registration is the most basic and mandatory prerequisite for participating in Matches. This same rule applies to Players, Coaches, Staff, Referees, Delegates, Assessors, Match officials, etc.

In addition, many organizations require that a person must be explicitly added (i.e. allocated, appointed, registered, signed up) to each competition. For example, each Club must prepare and submit a list of players and coaches and staff that will be participating in a specific competition (e.g. "Competition catalog" or "Lista de buena fe"). Similarly, important tournaments require a commitment and confirmation from their referees, assessors and other match officials. Both examples imply that users must define (add) a relationship between a person’s registration and a competition. 

This information has always been available in each competition, and in various reports. With the most recent updates, we have a new standard feature that will display the list of competitions per registration, only when there is something available.

The information is presented in the profile of each person, inside each individual registration frame. The information shows how many times this particular registration has been added to a competition. The blue badge is also a button which opens up a Competition dialog, with a list of those same competitions. Users can click on any item on the list, and the selected competition will automatically open in a new browser tab.

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