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Initial Status Confirmed

If the initial status of competition allocation is :green_circle: CONFIRMED, then all allocated referees will be in CONFIRMED status immediately upon assigning them to competition and they will immediately be available for match assignment.

The email notification does not contain links for confirmation or rejection of assignments anymore.

The allocated referee is able to reject his allocation which is in CONFIRMED status in both workflows:

  • In the competition overview screen.

(info) This status change also creates mail notifications for Referee administrators and people whose assignment status has been changed.

(info) The authorized user is able to view and to change all status changes of the assignment of a referee in the competition.

Referee administrators and superusers are able to make any status change of competition assignments of referees. In case of need of changing the status of rejected assignment back to confirmed, referee administrators and superusers are able to do it in the competition overview screen. They are the only ones who can make such a status change. If the Competition manager/administrator has added Referee by mistake, press the trash can icon to delete him/her from the competition. The referee will receive the following email:

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