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Confirm Contract Termination

As previously mentioned, all premature contract terminations require confirmation by the responsible authority.

The person responsible for confirmation of contract terminations can follow these steps:

  • On the left nav-bar menu select Players > Confirm contract termination

  • The system automatically generates a list of players awaiting contract termination

  • Click to select the first player; this action opens the player's details for your review

  • Verify that the information is complete and open the History tab

  • If complete hit the Edit contract ( pencil icon) button next to the contract in History tab or in the Active contracts tab

  • Click the 💾 Save as TERMINATED button

  • Fill in the “Reason or description” in the pop-up window

  • Hit the (tick) Yes button


The confirmation of termination is completed . By doing this you confirmed the termination of the contract and completed the workflow.

In the event that the termination of the contract is not valid, or requires additional info or clarifications from the club, in the first step, click on Save as CONFIRMED (instead of Save as TERMINATED). The contract status will transition from TERM. SUBMITTED back to CONFIRMED, and the club will be informed that the termination was not approved.

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