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Superusers can now update and edit the list of currencies via our Admin App without the assistance of our support team.

Please take into account that access to the Admin App is available via a direct link, by adding /appadmin to your COMET homepage address, e.g. or

To add/edit a Currency:

  • Access the COMET Admin App (by adding /appadmin to your COMET homepage address)

  • Select General Currencies on the left nav-bar

  • The list of all currencies from the system is displayed. The list consists of the following details:

    • ID

    • Name

    • Abbreviation

  • Click on the Add button in the top right corner of the table to add a new entity

  • Click on the currency from the list to open a dialog for editing the existing currency

  • This opens an Add New Currency page to fill in the Currency details

  • Fill in the pop-up window that contains basic information about a region:

    • ID (autogenerated value)

    • Name (obligatory field)

    • Abbreviation (obligatory field)

  • Once you have entered all the data, press the 💾 Save button

💡 Please take into account that name and abbreviation are mandatory fields and they should be unique, i.e. the system will not allow saving a currency:

  • without the name or abbreviation,

  • with the same name or with the same abbreviation as some other currency.

Please do not modify a currency already used in the COMET system!

For example, if there is a payment in the system for 15,00 USD, changing currency with ID=1 from USD to CAD would make this payment appear as 15,00 CAD instead of 15,00 USD.

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