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Events for Players in Starting Lineup

If the player is in the Initial Line-up, the following previously determined features will be visible:

  • the ID of a player

  • a shirt number

  • a name of a player,

  • if the has a specific role the captain or the goalkeeper check box will be marked

  • It will also be visible that if he is playing in the first line-up,

  • the events occurred during the match.

Insert type and a minute of the event.

  • For assigning the match event to the player please click on the specific player from the Lineup list

  • the pop-up window will appear with all the events related to that player:

The event type can be: a goal, an own goal, a penalty, and a yellow and red cards.

  • To insert the event press the Add button

  • When you insert data, hit 💾 the Save button

  • You can add more events for one player by clicking the Add button

When you enter minute and select a yellow or a red card, the additional field will appear in which you can choose the reason of a sanction.

All the events are stored in the system as soon as you click the "Save" button. After that, the window will close.

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