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Fair Play Report

To insert a Fair Play report:

  • Click the Fair Play tab to open the Fair Play form.

  • Upon the click on the Edit button, the data is updated according to the data entered on the Match screen

  • Use the Edit mode to calculete all necessary data for the report.

The following data needs to be inserted:

  • Yellow and red cards: (10-3* number of red cards -the number of yellow cards);

  • Positive play: (min. 1, max. 10);

  • Respect towards the opponent: (min. 1, max. 5);

  • Respect towards the referee: (min. 1, max. 5);

  • The behavior of the team officials: (min. 1, max. 5);

  • The behavior of the fans: (min. 1, max. 5); if the number of fans is insignificant, leave this field empty so that system can calculate the final Fair Play result correctly;

  • Number of away fans: (if there are any);

  • Notes (on specific Fair Play actions): in the text-box you can enter up to 1000 signs.

When you press the 💾 Save button, the system counts points and calculates the final Fair Play result (the points and the result appear in "bold", as on the image bellow) and the status of the report changes from "IN PROGRESS" to "FINALIZED".

💡 The Fair Play report can be printed by clicking the "Print" button above the form.

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