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FIFA Seasonal Constraints

In accordance with FIFA regulations, individuals are prohibited from registering with more than three clubs during a single season. Additionally, players are forbidden from participating in the lineup of more than two distinct clubs within the same season.

These constraints apply only to official player registrations and are enforced during player registration confirmation, and adding players to match lineups, respectively.

Season Start Date

Each Association can define the reference date for the start of the season, and acknowledging the potential variations in season dates, the start date can be defined separately for:

  • Football

  • Futsal

  • Beach Soccer

For example, if the football season start date is 01 July, then e.g. the 2024/25 season will last from 01 July 2024 to 30 June 2025. Official football registrations and match appearances will be accumulated in that period, and on 01 July 2025 they will be reset to zero, as the new Season has started.

Confirmation of Registrations

If a player has official registrations with three different clubs, and the registration under confirmation pertains to a fourth club, a validation blocker will be triggered, preventing confirmation of that player registration.

Previous registrations in Deleted, Cancelled, or Rejected statuses are excluded from the count, along with unofficial, different discipline, national, and regional registrations.

Addition of Players to Match Lineup

During the process of adding players to the lineup, attempting to add a player with appearances for a third different club in the same season will result in a validation blocker, preventing the addition of that player to that match lineup.

Match appearances are not considered if the match is in Postponed, Cancelled, or Ignored statuses. Matches are also disregarded if the registration is unofficial or involves a different discipline, among other criteria.


There are several situations in which a player may be exempted from this restriction:

  • In the event that the club ceases to exist, typically, the association may permit players to transfer and participate in another club. Therefore, the registration in the club that no longer exists should not be considered. In such cases, it is necessary to DEACTIVATE the club, including the teams that no longer exist in the club. Registrations and played matches will then be excluded, ensuring they do not contribute to the player's eligibility in the new club if, indeed, the matches are played for the third time in the same season.

  • If only a team ceases to exist, it is sufficient to DEACTIVATE the specific TEAM (organization below club) where the player has participated. The match appearances for that team will not be factored into the player's eligibility for the new club if the matches are played for the third time in the same season.

  • If a player is listed in the match lineup but does not actually play (zero minutes played), this will not be considered when determining eligibility for the new club, provided the matches are played for the third time in the same season.

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