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Manually Served Matches

If a player gets suspended for a certain number of matches, as previously explained, the sanction needs to be changed (added) manually.

It is also possible to enter matches on which the suspension was served. To do the following:

  • open the sanction details (see image below),

  • press the (plus) Add button to add the matches

💡 Only played matches can be added. The sanctioned player can not appear in the line-up.

After adding matches, they appear on the list, and the number of remaining matches is set to 0. If you need to insert a match not in the COMET system, you can insert a description into the description box instead of selecting a match from the drop-down list.

It is extremely important to change the sanction status once no matches remain because while the sanction is ACTIVE, the player won't be able to play. He will stay marked in red. To do so, click the pencil item on the right of the sanction, then on the EDIT button, and finally, on the (tick) Check mark button to close the sanction.

Clicking on the check mark and entering the reason for changing the sanction status closes the sanction. The player can play again once the sanction status is set to closed.

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