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Monetary Sanctions

As was explained previously in this chapter, a Disciplinary case can be opened against each entity in COMET.

For example, it can be opened against referees, coaches, clubs, but most frequently players. In addition to receiving suspensions for some number of matches or suspensions for a period of time, it is very common for Clubs or Players or Team officials to be sanctioned with a monetary Fine.

In accordance with the league competition rules and association disciplinary code, for each played match and round (after the referee makes it official by changing the status of the match), Comet can be configured in a way to automatically provide the following:

  • Default amount of monetary fine for a yellow card (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.)

  • Default amount of monetary fine for a red card (direct red vs 2nd yellow)

  • Default amount of monetary fine for an expulsion of a team official

Furthermore, COMET can be configured to keep track of the payment status of these fines and even to prevent persons from participating in matches when the fines have not been paid. If your association is using COMET for this purpose, a special console called „Monetary sanctions“ can assist users in tracking the status of all sanctions of type „Fine“.

If you have the required permissions in the system, you can access the menu option “Monetary sanctions“ listed in the „Disciplinary“ module.

Monetary sanctions console shows two distinct tabs:

  1. „Active – unpaid“ sanctions

  2. „Inactive – paid/canceled “ sanctions.

The initial screen immediately shows the list of active-unpaid sanctions with relevant details on each one (Image below, section A). If you want to consult the list of inactive – paid/cancelled sanctions, you can do it on the same screen with a single click on the tab “Inactive –paid /canceled “ (Image below, section B). If you want to obtain the list of monetary sanctions, you can download an Excel document by pressing the icon in the top right corner of the table (Image below, section C). The magnifying glass icon takes you directly to the disciplinary case details (Image below, section D), on which you can view, edit, close or delete the case/sanction if you have required system permissions to perform the mentioned actions.

In order to narrow down the selection, the list of active sanctions allows you to search by dates, as well as to filter the list by any of the data table columns. If you would like to obtain the sanctions for a certain period of time, the System allows you to specify a range of dates (based on the date of the Disciplinary Case) and press the „Search“ button (see image below). The list will display only the sanctions which match your criteria.

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