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My Sanctions

My Sanctions console is accessed by clicking the menu item "My sanctions".

The list of all of your sanctions will be opened. The console initially shows active sanctions with a preselected status filter, but the filter may be changed in order to get all sanctions or sanctions in other statuses.

This console is mostly used by Disciplinary Administrators and Disciplinary Managers. In some tenants, the Competition Manager which has permissions to view cases and the Referee committee (only technical sanctions) can also access the console. Some users have are Disciplinary Administrators and Disciplinary Managers in some regional association. Users may be added as Disciplinary Manager to some national association competition.

List of “My sanctions” would contain the sanctions contained in disciplinary cases of organizations belonging to user organizations hierarchically and sanctions contained in disciplinary cases of competitions that are managed by the user.

You're able to search sanctions by sanction date (which might be useful for getting some basic reports). Sanction’s “Date from” is used for comparison. The “Search” button is also used to make a single initial fetch of data with a preselected filter.

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