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Newsletter History

  1. Course Prerequisites, Lineup Entry Limits, Max Matches, Dynamic Lists [12.06.2024]

31. Person Deduplication, Form Preview, Mobile PDF, New Reports [03.05.2024]

30. Match Forms Upgrade, My Calendar, Course Resources [15.04.2024]

29. New Knowledge Base, FIFA Constraints and Clearances, Ethnicities [31.01.2024]

28. Mobile Upgrade: Calendar, Navigation, Settings, Courses, Payments [15.11.2023]

27. Temporary Dismissals, Integration Features, Data API Parameters [25.08.2023]

26. Live Match Commentaries, Links and Images, Features in Mobile Apps [21.07.2023]

25. User Data Deduplication, Unavailability Upgrade, Registration Rollover [29.06.2023]

24. Match Forms, the new Flexible Engine for Match-related Data Collection [20.04.2023]

23. New Mobile Features, Search Upgrade, Grassroots Competitions [23.03.2023]

22. Amateur-Pro Change, New Disciplinary Tools, Person Profile Update [30.01.2023]

21. FIFA Clearing House, Allow Dispensations, Penalty Shootout Results [24.11.2022]

20. Batch Update, Admin Mode, COMET LIVE Upgrades and News [21.10.2022]

19. ISO Update, Registration Roles, Auto-Termination, Links to Apps [05.10.2022]

18. Upgraded Pitches, FIFA SDK, Countries, Team Withdrawal [29.09.2022]

17. New Audit Log Viewer, Club-to-Club Transfer, COMET Data Upgrades [21.07.2022]

16. UI Settings, Terms & Conditions, Competitions Dialog, API Upgrade [23.06.2022]

15. Data Management, News and Guides, Default Sanctions [31.05.2022]

14. Contract Reference, FIFA ID Override, New Reports [11.05.2022]

13. COMET Data Extensions, Status Transitions, User Profiles [30.03.2022]

12. Upcoming Release of COMET 5.0 in January 2022, Default Excel Pivot [22.12.2021]

11. Accumulated Cards, COMET Data upgrades, Kits on Mobile Apps [30.11.2021]

10. Release of COMET Data: the New Reporting Platform, mCOMET Retirement [30.09.2021]

09. Release of new iOS and Android Apps for matchday operations [28.07.2021]

08. Sanctions and Suspensions Optimizations, Messenger Update [04.03.2021]

07. 2021 Teaser: New COMET iOS and Android Apps, New Reporting Engine [21.1.2021]

06. Security Updates, New Identity Management, Login Screen [15.12.2020]

05. UEFA Integration, Served Suspensions, Bookings in PK Phase [08.12.2020]

04. Release of COMET LIVE iOS and Android Apps [18.11.2020]

03. Loan Contract Upgrades, Club Category, News from Nyon and Split [5.11.2020]

02. New Functions in Competition Mgmt, Match Form Optimizations [28.10.2020]

01. Release of the COMET Newsletter Practice [23.10.2020]

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