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Observer Report

The Referee Observer fills in the Observer Report. To start editing a Referee Observer report press the "Edit" button and then insert all the necessary data.

  • Click the "Observer Report" tab to open the form.

  • Press the "Edit" button to enter the following data:

    • Marks (6,0-10,0);

    • the appearance of each referee on the match is being evaluated;

    • The level of difficulty of the match for each referee: (it can be "Normal", "Quite challenging" and "Challenging");

    • Post-match debrief: The questionable moment is described in the text-box and there are two more fields for entering a location of a post-match debrief and how long did the post-match debrief take;

    • Referee committee comments: (text box);

    • Description of the match: (text box);

    • Comments about the referee appearance;

    • Comments about the 1st assistant referee;

    • Comments about the 2nd assistant referee:

    • Comments about the fourth official;

    • Comments about the 1st and the 2nd additional assistant referees

    • Additional comments by referee observer.

💡 While the referee observer is working on the report, the report status is set to "IN PROGRESS".

💡 After you click the 💾 Save button, the data are stored in the system but it still remains possible to modify the report.

💡 If you want to save the report and disable any kind of future modifications, change the report status from "IN PROGRESS" to "FINALIZED".

💡 If for any reason it becomes necessary to change referee marks entered by Referee Observer, the Referee Administrator can do it:

  • Click the "Observer Report" to open the previously described form but with one difference.

  • by the field for entering marks, the Referee Administrator sees one more field, invisible to a Referee Observer.

  • After entering the corrections, it is necessary to explain the mark change reason.

  • The changes are stored in the system after clicking the "Save" button.

  • Once the Referee Administrator has checked the report and executed corrections, he/she sets the report status to "VERIFIED".

At that moment, all the referees can consult the marks and observations about their appearances in the match.

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