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Initial Status Pending

If competition allocation initial status is set to :orange_circle: PENDING > all referees added to the competition will be in status PENDING and they should either confirm or reject their competition assignment.

Upon assignment referees will:

  • a) Get an email notification to confirm or reject their assignment via the link

(grey lightbulb) If the referee clicks the link in the email, the status of the assignment is changed to :green_circle: confirmed/ 🔴 rejected immediately without the need for the user to log into COMET with a username and password.

  • Or they can do it using COMET screens by clicking the colored button which designates the status.

(info) If the referee accesses My competitions, he/she will be able to see his/her allocations in the active competitions.

(info) Clicking the colored button shows the possible status changes of referee's allocation:

If the user clicks the colored button in the screen of competition where the referee is allocated, the same screen for changing the status of allocation appears.

Confirmation or rejection of allocation automatically sends notifications to referee administrators and to the person whose allocation has been confirmed or rejected.

After that. the status and color are updated on all screens (refresh of the screen might be needed).

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