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Person Passport

A passport number is initially visible on each person's profile as one of the key personal identifying attributes. However, this information is only required for Foreign nationals who do not have a local National ID. In all other cases, the passport number is an optional entry (at least in terms of the software or database requirements).

This particular piece of information is also very important for persons who participate in International competitions and are required to have valid documents for International travel.

Additional details for any type of document specified in COMET, including Passports, can be entered from any COMET Person Profile on the Additional Info tab in the section called Identification documents. Recently we have done an upgrade on the Passport Expiry Date information that is displayed next to the Passport Number Field.

The passport expiry date is valuable information for COMET Competition Admins and Player Admins. Once an authorized user enters Passport Number and Passport Expiry Date on the Identification Document entry, this information will be reflected on the Person’s Profile. This new filed, Passport Expiry Date (“Valid Until” date) will be displayed next to the Passport Number of the person’s profile, on the condition that the passport number and the country which issued this document match with the passport number and country of nationality of the person.

In order to add the passport “valid to” value:

  • Open the COMET Person Profile

  • Click on the Additional Info tab

  • On the Identification documents panel click the Add button (+ icon)

  • Fill in the details for a new Identification document:

    • Document type (Passport)

    • Number - this entry will be reflected on the Person Profile

    • Country

    • Issued by

    • Valid from

    • Valid until - this entry will be reflected on the Person Profile

  • Once you have entered all the information hit the 💾 Save button

Please take into account that the Passport number and the Valid Until field are replicated on the Main Part of the COMET Person Profile.

💡 Once the expiry date has passed it will be marked in red.

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