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Person Registration Photo

Please make a distinction that:

  • A person’s photo is uploaded to a person's documents

  • A registration photo is uploaded to the registration documents

Please note that:

  • If a photo should be fetched for a person, the system fetches the photo

  • If a photo should be fetched for registration, the system tries to fetch the last active registration photo and if it does not exist, the system fetches the last active person photo

The photo is fetched based on registration (printing ID card, printing match start list, adding match events to match the role, page for registration details on scanning QR code of ID card, and many more). Mostly the photos are connected to the person since at the time there wasn't a possibility to upload the photo to registration and that's why we have to show a person’s photo if the registration photo does not exist so the photo would appear properly as before. Using a person’s photo for registration is emphasized on the person's profile screen with an information icon.

On the contrary, the photo uploaded to registration is not displayed in the profile icon

Since the registration photo is now separated from the person, there are buttons to capture/crop/rotate registration photos. Buttons are visible in the registration's edit mode.

To add the registration photo click on the document button in the registration tab.

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