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Red Card in COMET

It is important to know what happens to a player who receives a 🟥 Red card during the match.

🔴 When a match status is set to "PLAYED", the system checks if any of the players received a Red card. The player that received a Red card is sent off from the field and he is automatically suspended from the next match.

🔴 For every person that receives a red card, once the match is "CLOSED", (a status is set to "PLAYED"), COMET automatically inserts a next disciplinary case and adds an active sanction "Suspension for a certain number of matches" where the number of suspended matches for that player is set to one (the number depends on the rules of the association). In most cases, no other additional action is required.

🔴 While the player has an active sanction, he will be marked in red for the next match. When the sanction expires, he will appear on the list in the same way as the other players.

If, for any reason, the player received some additional sanction or was suspended for more matches than just one, the user with appropriate roles and permissions has to search for his disciplinary case and change the value of the existing sanction or add new sanctions.

The process is as follows:

  1. From the main menu, select the menu item: Disciplinary

  2. Select the item: Search cases

  3. Enter the search criteria, and press the Search Cases button;

  4. Select from the list a sought player and a match;

  5. On the next screen, the case details will open, and the existing sanctions;

If you want to add a certain number of suspended matches:

  • Click the Add Sanction button

  • In the new window, insert a sanction type and a value

  • Press the 💾 Save button.

Additional instructions about the Disciplinary Module can be found in the respective chapter.

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