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Reports and Statistics

📉 COMET can generate more than 450 reports, analyses, and statistics related to players, coaches, referees, clubs, disciplinary, competitions, organizations, and national teams.

📊 Clear design and report dependent parameters enable easier orientation when looking for specific information.

The main features are:

  • Various export types :s: :word: :PDF:

  • Report and data filtering :filter:

  • Charting capabilities 📈

  • Geolocation rendering :googlemaps: :Google_Map:

  • Report templates 🗒 📋

  • Report scheduling ⏰ 🗃

▶ To access the module click on the Reports and Statistics on the left nav-bar.

▶ A click on each menu item will open its respective reports and statistics.

Menu reports.jpg

▶ In the left corner of the image below, you can see all the parameters that define this specific report.

(info) Results can be exported in Excel, pdf, or Word.

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