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Responsible Organization

A disciplinary case is always carried out within an organization, in most cases, within a national federation, but sometimes, it is also possible that a regional association manages it.

The Disciplinary Administrator is in charge of the process based on the hierarchical principle. Depending on the case, the decision is being made on whether or not the offender will be sanctioned.

By FIFA regulations, there are various types of sanctions, e.g., fines, rewards return, suspensions for a certain number of matches, etc. The sanctions in COMET are categorized in the same manner as FIFA sanctions.

The player receiving a red card is sent off from the field and automatically suspended from the next match. For every person that gets a red card, once the match is set to PLAYED, COMET automatically inserts a new disciplinary case. It adds an active sanction, "Suspension for a certain number of matches," where the number of suspended matches is set to one (or as many as the Association rules require). In most cases, no other additional action is required.

While the player has an active sanction, he will be marked in red for the next match. He will appear on the list like the other players when the sanction expires or is closed.

If, for any reason, the player received some additional sanction or was suspended for more matches than just one, the user with appropriate roles and permissions has to search for his disciplinary case and change the value of the existing sanction or add new sanctions.

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