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Retroactive Registration

Once you start actively using the system in production, in some cases important historical information about players and their previous registrations may be missing. This is particularly relevant when a player transfers abroad and you need to generate the full player’s passport (history of registrations).

In order to input this type of historical data, please use the Retro registration feature of your COMET system:

  • Access the History tab on the Player’s profile

  • Click on the Retro registration button

  • A new input screen appears where you may enter details of a previously expired or terminated registration.

  • You are required to enter the start and end date of the registration, chose the Registration type, level abd discipline select the club, its parent association, etc.

  • Hit 💾 the Save button to create the Retro registration.

The status of this registration is automatically set to TERMINATED and this action is logged in the player's history.

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