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Saving My Reports

Data extraction and analysis is often done on regular basis, for example once a month or once a quarter. In fact, is very likely that certain users will repeatedly use the same set of reports with the same assumptions.

If this applies to you, COMET Data has the option for saving and naming “your” version of the reports with all the predefined parameters and selected columns. The idea is to click through all the parameters and sorting and select the columns just once, then save and name “your” report for future use, as often as it may be necessary or until you choose to delete this report from your list. The procedure is as follows:

  • Set the desired parameters and run the report.

  • Customize further by sorting data and removing unnecessary columns.

  • Click on the Save icon at the top-right corner of the table with results.

  • Choose the name of the report and add a description, then click Save again. (This is for your eyes only, so choose names and descriptions that are helpful and descriptive for you.)

  • This action saves the query with all the details you have selected under the My Reports section so you can reproduce the report with new data at any time.

Note that the list of My Reports is the first page that opens each time you access Comet Data.

Note that this list is user specific, so each user is responsible for building his own, if so desired.

Note that each report saved under My Reports has the following features:

  • Edit - you can edit the name and description of your report at any time, by clicking on the row.

  • API code - for access from external systems - we will discuss this in a separate article

  • Run report - this option opens the parameters page and prefills everything from the saved report

  • Delete - if you no longer need or want to see this report in your list

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