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Status Transition Reports

Comet users are familiar with the concept of statuses defined for various entities, as well as the Status Log feature which allows them to review when a status change was triggered and by whom.

Based on popular demand, we are making these Status logs available in the reporting platform as well. Several new reports have been designed and implemented in their corresponding groups, each related to a specific key entity.

For example, next to the Person Registrations report, you will also find the new “Person Registrations Status Transitions” report.  As the name suggests, you will be able to pull a list of all status transitions for some set of registrations specified by your input parameters. Each Status Transition will be represented by one row, so you will see when a registration has been e.g. CONFIRMED or TERMINATED, and by which user.

The information presented here is useful and valuable for audit purposes, as well as statistics and analysis of internal processes.  

Here is the list of available reports at the moment. More to come in the future, as needed.

- Organization Status Transitions
- Person Registration Status Transitions
- Person Contract Status Transitions
- Match Status Transitions
- Match Team Status Transitions
- Match Official Status Transitions

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