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The Penalty Shootout Event

When you enter the Penalty shootout event, you have to:

  • Select from the pop-up list one of the possible events which are: goal, save and miss.

  • For the "Penalty shootout" event to be visible, you have to previously add the "Penalty shootout" match phase.

  • Only players on the field at the end of regular play are eligible to participate in the shootout. The system applies the same rule.

  • Only for that players you can enter the "Penalty shootout" event.

  • After entering this event, you no longer have to insert the minute, but the number of the penalty.

This event can be added to any defined Competition System (round-robin, elimination, etc.), therefore make sure to add Match Phase “Penalty Shootout” in the match for such match event to be available for selection. When the penalty shootout is completed, the final result appears on the match form.

In the list of results per phase, all phases except Penalty Shootout show a cumulative value from the beginning of the match, while the Penalty Shootout phase is treated differently. Penalty Shootout phase results are showing ONLY the goals scored during this final segment of the match.

For those users that enter just the results for each phase and do NOT enter match events, it is important to note how to write them in. For those that keep track of each kick and enter match events for each penalty scored, missed, or saved, there are no changes at all.

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