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UEFA Mapping

After the import of UEFA Competition, there are cases when UEFA data is mapped to the wrong COMET entity and such mappings often need to be canceled/removed and updated to the correct COMET entity. For that reason, we have developed UEFA Integration functionality for corrections and updates of UEFA Mappings. UEFA Mapping can be conducted for Person, Club, and Facility entities.

To trigger UEFA Mapping:

  • Access the COMET Admin App (by adding /appadmin to your Comet homepage address)

  • Select General → Integrations on the left nav-bar

  • Access the UEFA Tab

  • Fill in the mapping data:

    • Select the Type of entity from the drop-down menu:

      • Person

      • Club

      • Facility

    • Select COMET ID of existing UEFA mappings of the selected entity type

    • Enter a New COMET ID to which existing mapping will be transferred to

    • (grey lightbulb) If the new COMET ID is not valid, the error message “Invalid COMET ID” is displayed

  • Hit the Next button

  • If all inputs are valid, the user will be redirected to the second step where she/he can verify the mapping data that will be affected

  • To inspect impacted data; e.g., matches and competitions, hit the View impacted matches/ competitions button

  • Hit the Save button to proceed with the mapping job

  • Now all entities are updated and the user is redirected to the third step in which the Summary of updated data is displayed

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