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Yellow Card During the Penalty Phase

According to the Changes introduced in the Laws of the Game, Cautions (Yellow cards) and warnings issued during the match (including during extra time) are not carried forward to the Penalty Shootout Phase as Kicks From the Penalty Mark (KFPM) are not part of the match. A player who receives a YC during both the match and the KFPM is not sent off (during the KFPM or for disciplinary purposes).

The new function of the system enables you to add a Yellow card without attaching the time in the penalty phase of the match. It is now possible to define cautions and expulsions during the penalty shootout.

To insert the Yellow Card during the Penalty Shootout Phase:

  • Chose your match

(lightbulb) Please note that the match must have a Penalty match phase defined

  • On the list of players previously assigned to the Line-up, select the desired player related to the Yellow card event you wish to enter.

(lightbulb) Follow the same procedure used for inserting all other match events previously described.

  • Choose During the penalty shoutout from the drop-down list

  • Mark the event Yellow Card

  • Select the Reason

  • Click the 💾 Save button.

  • The event remains automatically stored in the system.

Please note that the selection of During penalty shootout can be entered for Match Officials and for Players.

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