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COMET LIVE API is the backend built to service not only the COMET LIVE Apps, but also any third party application or website that requires access to COMET competition data in real-time. The COMET LIVE backend infrastructure is separated from COMET and uses advanced caching and cache eviction techniques for the API calls. Therefore, it can handle huge volumes of traffic, without impacting whatsoever the performance of the COMET environment.

So, when building apps or websites with the COMET LIVE API, there is no need to synchronize the data with a local/web database. The frontend apps/websites can use our backend/API, so the external designer/developer only needs to build the frontend and does not need to take care of fetching, synchronizing, caching data from COMET.

Access to COMET LIVE API Documentation and Testing Environment

COMET LIVE API endpoints are specified and documented in Swagger, where you can also test the endpoints, by providing an API KEY and input parameters for the specific endpoint.

To reach COMET LIVE API documentation of your organization, please use the following URL:

  • Demo: https://api-<tenant>

  • Production: https://api-<tenant>

▶ In the URL, the <tenant> should be replaced with the COMET abbreviation of your association/ federation. Tenant is a mandatory parameter for multi-tenant COMET environments.

▶ In the URL, you will be asked to provide an API KEY, which is created linked to your account. Once the API_KEY is created by the Administrator, you will receive an e-mail containing the URL for the testing environment, and your API_KEY.

Please note that you can be added as the COMET Live API Key user and as such you will receive the automatic email from the system with COMET LIVE access details:

  • Sawagger URL

  • API Key

  • Organization ID

Testing Environment

After accessing the testing environment, you will see the list of all available COMET LIVE API endpoints. Click on any endpoint in order to expand its specification.

When expanding an endpoint, you will see the description of the endpoint, the specification of input parameters, an example of the server response, and a button to test/try it out yourself (marked red below).

Please note that all endpoints have an API_KEY as a mandatory parameter. The same API_KEY is used for all endpoints.

  • Click on Try it out button

  • Fill in the mandatory input parameters, they are highlighted as *required

Please take into account that if the API access is limited to the User’s Club or Organization the system will not generate the response without filling the respective parameter field:

If API_KEY is linked with user from Club - always required to use teamIdFilter

If API_KEY is linked with user from an Organization (league, regional association or similar) - always required to use organizationIdFilter

  • tenant (mandatory for multi-tenant environment → the abbreviation of your organization)

  • the COMET ID of a COMET entity (competition, match, person.

  • Click on Execute button

Then you will receive the request URL, the CURL version of the request, and lower on the page you will receive the JSON response from the server, based on the entered parameters.

Please note that in COMET LIVE API all Date/Datetime fields are provided as a Timestamp (UTC).

▶ If you have an interest in using the COMET LIVE API, please contact the COMET Superuser of your organization to provide you:

  • the URL to COMET LIVE API Swagger documentation (incl. the abbreviation of your organization)

  • the API_KEY to test the endpoints

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