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In-App Messages

These are banners (with a link) that appear on top of the screen, usually when the app goes to the foreground. As opposed to static banners, in-app messages need to be dismissed by the user before continuing using the app. In-app messages can be designed, and campaigns configured and launched very quickly, without any technical knowledge. Useful analytics on message views and link clicks are available. In-app messages are great for conveying a specific message to a large audience, i.e. from bringing the message quickly into the hands of all users of COMET LIVE apps.

Below is a common example of an in-app message, with a link to purchase tickets for a specific match:

The in-app messaging campaign can be created, tested and launched on the Firebase Console using credentials provided by the Analyticom team during configuration and setup of the COMET LIVE apps, under the menu Engage->In-App Messaging.

Detailed instructions regarding the creation and management of in-app messaging campaigns can be found on the following link:

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