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Sorting of Competitions and Matches

The initial and most visited screen of COMET LIVE is the list of matches per day, which is by default set to Today. The daily list of matches may contain hundreds of matches which are grouped into their respective competitions.

Sorting of Competitions

The sorting of competitions is fully controlled out of COMET UI. It sorted in the following order:


  1. Organization Type of the Competition:

    1. FIFA/UEFA

    2. National Association

    3. Regional and other Associations

That means that on top will have international competitions/matches, such as national team matches. Then, we will have competitions/matches organized by the national association, e.g. Top Division, and then we will have regional competitions

THEN Sort By

2. Competition Type Rank

E.g. among national competitions, we will first see the top divisions across all categories with rank=1 (Top Senior Division, Top U21 Division, Top Women Division…etc. Only after that, we will be see leagues with rank=2 such as Second Division, etc.

The Rank is a number defined on Competition Type (please look at screen below) and applies to all competitions of this type.

THEN Sort By

3. Age Category

E.g. among national competitions of highest rank, we will first have senior competitions of men and women, then U-21, then U-19 etc. The Age Category is defined on Competition Type and applies to all competitions of this type.

THEN Sort By

4. Competition Name,

If the competitions have the same Organization, Rank and Age Category, then they are sorted by name. E.g. Youth League Group A will be above Youth League Group B.

Sorting of matches within a specific competition

The rules above defines the sorting of competitions. All matches played on that day are then grouped into its respective competition. Within a specific competition, the matches of that competition are sorted per kick-off time, in ascending chronological order.

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