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Club Merchants

Club Admins can define the Merchant Settings of their club, and configure payment options that will allow them to collect payments electronically.

To access and define Merchant Settings:

  • Access the MyComet App (by adding /mycomet to your Comet homepage address or from the direct link in COMET App)

  • Select 💳 Merchant Settings under the Payments menu on the left nav-bar

  • This opens the Merchant Settings menu which consists of the following tabs:

    • General

    • Payment Options

  • On the General tab, you can define General Info of Merchant Profile:

    • Merchant name

    • E-mail

    • Description

    • Currency - predefined

    • Show Taxes - if true, taxes will be shown

  • The Payment Options Tab displays the list of payment options that are configured for your tenant, in most scenarios these options are:

    • Manual Payment - Customers will be able to create orders for your items, without making an online payment. In this scenario, admins will need to enter/ confirm the payment manually.

    • Payment Gateway (e.g. Paymark, QuickPay or Stripe)- Customers will be redirected to an online payment gateway

    ℹ️ A click on the option from the list will open a payment-type pop-up dialog window.

    From the dialog window, you can administrate the payment options of each payment type:

    • Switching on/off the Enable payments switch enables/ disables the payment type to be displayed as the payment option on the cart checkout for all courses

    • Paymark Account ID → Copy the Account ID from the Paymark console

    • Use the Test connection button to test the connection with Paymerk

    • In the API Key field, you can enter the value from the payment gateway console

    • Switching on the Enable transaction fee switch allows you to enter the transaction fee (expressed in percentage or in the fixed amount) on the Payment Option from the liist

  • Once you have entered all the changes hit 💾 the Save button

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