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Personalizing the User Interface

From the Account Settings Menu, you are able to adjust your account preferences.

To personalize your User Interface:

  • Click your name button in the upper right corner of the COMET Play Toolbar

  • A Switch button raises a modal to choose between administrative features.

  • Hit the Account Settings button

  • On the Account Setting menu is displayed, hit the Preferences tab

  • The preferences tab contains settings to adjust your UI preferences: region and timezone, language, and theme settings:

    • Use this tab to define the theme and schema of COMET Play according to your preferences:

      • Select the theme color

      • Select the Schema (Schema/ Dark/ Light)

      • Once the option is selected changes are applied automatically

    • Change the system language and hit the 💾 Save button


Please consider that the selected region defines the format of the time, date, numbers, and amounts entries. E.g selected region defines whether the time will be shown in AM-PM or 24h format, whether the entered dates will be separated by dots, slashes, et

  • Change the Region and timezone and hit the 💾 Save button

  • In the Example field, you will be able to see the format in which time, date, numbers, and amounts will be shown

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