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Ad Hoc Reports

The endpoint /adHocReport/{reportId} is used to make COMET’s powerful reporting mechanisms available through a rest endpoint.

It can be used to generate a variety of data sets and statistics such as the list of player contracts by start data, list of registrations per club, fair play report, and many more.

This endpoint takes two parameters:

  • the report id

  • a list of parameters

A list of parameters can be a fairly complex string, so it is best to use the COMET system to generate the request URL for a specific report. A COMET user with access to the Reports and Statistics section can open a report, enter the desired parameters, and run it.

Once it is loaded there is an option to "COPY REST API URL", as it is shown in the image below.

In the course of 2021, the Ad Hoc Report endpoint will be retired and replaced by the upcoming New COMET Reporting Engine. Therefore, we do not recommend to base new development on this endpoint.

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