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Analyticom REST API is a subset of endpoints that can be used to retrieve COMET data and make it available to 3rd party systems. To make it as simple as possible we have separated the data into several key endpoints (competition, matches, match players, etc.), making it easy to integrate by a variety of 3P systems, websites, etc, all over the world.

The data we provide has been formatted in accordance with the FIFA Connect standard. For more details please check


The REST API should be used to synchronize data from COMET with a local/web database. Due to possible performance issues, the API should not be accessed directly to provide data to the website users, caching should be used instead.
A throttling mechanism is used to control the rate of requests that users can make to the API by setting a maximum number of requests per second. These rates are different for binaries (player photos, club logos...) and may also differ according to the users' tenant. We have exposed these rates in the endpoint "/throttling/info" that returns the image and standard rate in its payload.

Contacts and Support

Of course, we are always available if you have any additional questions or issues with the API, so please do not hesitate to contact us using our support platform.

Please reach the COMET superuser in the football association and request a COMET guest account; after that, you will able to submit a ticket in the COMET system.

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