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User Roles

There are 4 different roles that are connected to the user’s login and password and that determine which end points are available to that user:

  • ROLE_TENANT_WEB – the standard role that has access to Competition and Match end points

  • ROLE_DISCIPLINARY_WEB – has access to disciplinary end points:

    • /competition/{competitionFifaId}/cases

    •  /match/{matchFifaId}/cases

    • /case/person/{offenderPersonFifaId}

    • /case/organisation/{offenderOrganisationFifaId}

    • /case/{caseFifaId}

    • /sanction/{sanctionId}

  • ROLE_ENABLE_ADHOC_REPORTS – has access to ad-hoc reports

    • /adHocReport/{reportId}

  • ROLE_ANY_PERSON_VIEW - has access to end point for person details

    • /player/{playerFifaId}

ROLE_TENANT_WEB can be configured on Club level, so that only Competitions and Matches where that club participates are fetched. Other roles are only suited for use by the Governing Body (Association).

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