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COMET Data Reports

Course Management Data Values (course information, applications, evidence and sales details) can be easily tracked via course-management-related reports which are added to the COMET Data Platform. 

To access course-management-related reports

  • Access the COMET Data Platform

  • Select the Competition category of reports on the left-nav-bar

  • Below is the list of CCM Reports:


This section covers all data related to Courses

👉 Let's take the example of the user who needs emails from all Coaches who applied for the Course, the user will select the Event participant contacts with parameters defined: 

  1. Event category = Coach Seminar 

  2. Event ID = 12345678 

  3. Contact type = Email 

List of Events reports: 

  • Events 

  • Event Custom Attributes 

  • Event Participants 

  • Event Participant Contacts

  •  Event Participant Custom Attributes


This section covers all data related to the Payments Section in CM.

List of Sales reports: 

  • Item list

  • Orders

  • Order payments

  • Order items

  • Order Item Survey Answers

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