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Create Competition Type

In order to create a new competition you need to have a predefined competition type that will be chosen from the system on the specific competition. Accordingly, the initial step of creating a New Competition is defining the Competition Type.

Competition types are used to group the competitions which have the same set of settings and belong to the same rank. The settings and details that are defined on the competition type are: organization, team type (club/ national/ regional team), discipline (football, futsal, beach soccer), gender (mixed, male, female), age category (seniors, veterans, cases, junior, beginners, etc), match type (official/ friendly) and rank of the competition.

To Create a New Competition Type:

  • Select the menu item New Competition Type under the Competitions menu on the left nav-bar

  • Complete the mandatory fields:

    • Organization

    • Name

    • Display Name

    • Team type (club/ national/ regional team)

    • Discipline (football, futsal, beach soccer)

    • Gender (mixed, male, female)

    • Age category (seniors, U21, U19, etc. → depending on your configuration: Age Category Details)

    • Match type (friendly, official, unofficial)

  • Hit the 💾 Save button to store a new type in the system

To add competitions you can select “New competition“ on the same screen, or you can do the same from the main menu.


Unofficial Match Type

In the world of football, the vast majority of matches fall within the framework of official competitions, such as league matches, international friendlies, and tournament fixtures. However, there are also unofficial matches where football clubs play against national teams. These matches, while not recognized by major governing bodies like FIFA for official records, provide unique opportunities for players, teams, and fans.

If you want to create a competition that will have unofficial matches:

  1. Create a competition type with the Match type set to Unofficial

  1. Select the Registration parameter Invited teams in the Competition settings

  2. Click on the Matches tab

  3. Expand the Arrange Matches console

  4. Add new Match

  1. Search for the Football club that should play against the National team by clicking on the magnifier button or by typing the club’s name

  1. Save the changes


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