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Distribution Groups

COMET distribution groups allow users to maintain a list of email addresses and send messages to all of them at once. Distribution groups are generated within the COMET Data report and contain a dynamic group of members/users that can be redefined by any available parameter.

Distribution lists are dynamic, which means they are updated automatically. For example, if you have created a Coach list for your regional association, each time a new coach is registered for the regional association, his contact will be automatically added to the list.

The use of groups speeds up and simplifies the organization's communication process.

Create Distribution Group

A distribution group can be generated from any COMET Data report that contains the display name and email address (e.g., User reports, Person registration reports). Please take into account that such reports will have the Save report as a distribution group button displayed

To create a distribution group:

  • Access the COMET Data platform

  • Chose the report for the distribution group export

  • Select the parameters of the report to filter the recipients of the target group (if needed)

  • Hit the Run report button

  • Check the recipient list displayed on the report pop-up window

  • Hit the Save report as a distribution group button in the top right corner.

  • This will open a new pop-up window for entering and saving details of the distribution group

  • Fill the Name field (you can add a description and set it as (in)active** if needed)

  • Hit the 💾 Save button in the bottom left corner.

  • ✅ The following confirmation message will appear:

Distribution Groups Menu

  • Click on the ‘'View distribution Groups'' in the message (on the image above) or access the Distribution groups menu console from the left nav-bar

  • The distribution group menu console contains the list of Distribution Groups that you have created.

    • This list can be filtered.

    • Click on the entry from the list will open a pop-up window for editing details

    • Click on the icon with the three dots will open actions for:

      • generating API code of the record,

      • running the report,

      • deleting the entry*.

    • You can switch between active and inactive group lists**

Filter Distribution Group

All available report parameters can be used to filter the recipient list (target audience) according to your needs. There are very few mandatory parameters, and all others are optional.

Some parameters are dependent on each other. You will notice this “dependency” with Organization category and Organization type, as well as Registration category and Registration type parameters, and there are many other examples.

Check the example below for the scenario where the user wants to get the distribution list of all football club referents in the Confederation. Parameters will be set as follows:

Check the example below for the scenario in which the user wants to get the Distribution list of all Players of specific football clubs over 18. Parameters will be set as follows:

Check the example below for the scenario in which the user wants to get the Distribution list of all Coaches registered at the level of association. Parameters will be set as follows:

For a better understanding of COMET Data report filtering, please check the knowledge base pages.

Please consider that distribution group filtering by parameters will also appear as the second step in campaign creation.

*To delete an existing distribution group, the user must be the owner of the distribution group (this applies to templates).

**Edit is possible only for active distribution groups. Active distribution groups are available on campaigns and message templates only!

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