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Arrange and Add Matches

Arrange Matches

In the first place, this functionality serves for the elimination tournaments, when the winner is not promoted automatically, that is, when the pairs of each subsequent round are decided by draw.

  • To arrange matches, press the symbol.

  • Now press the Edit button

  • Select the round/phase and home and away teams

  • Hit 💾 the Save button.

Add Matches

In case you need to add a match to the existing Competition,

  • You can also do it by clicking the Matches tab and then the ➕ symbol. (See image in the previous paragraph).

  • Press the Edit button

  • Add a phase/round

  • Press the "New match" button below

  • Once you have done that, a new match will appear marked as ? - ?

  • Now you can select the home and away team

  • Press 💾 the Save button

Round Override

You have the ability to rename the Round number to a custom name of your choice. For instance, in competitions, you can assign unique names to matches, such as "Final" for one match and "3rd Place" for another. Alternatively, you can utilize a predefined system to organize the competition and matches, allowing you to customize the names of the Matchdays (Rounds) as you wish.

You can only change the matches which haven’t been PLAYED yet.

Screenshot 2024-04-08 at 10.47.07.png

When you change a Match day, the update will appear on the COMET LIVE API. Therefore, we recommend using names that are simple and brief to avoid complications.

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