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Predefined System

If you are not using the Berger Algorithm, but the predefined system, to create a New Competition you have to follow al the steps previously described in this chapter with one difference:

  • From the Competition system drop-down list select the Predefined system

  • Press 💾 the Save button.

  • The competition is stored in the system

  • On that screen, there is a tab for document loading.

  • Click the Edit button and hit the Document button

  • This will open a new window for all competition documents upload.

  • Hit the ➕ button next to Competition Schedule option

  • Now you can upload an Excel document with a competition schedule, among others.

  • IMPORTANT: The names of the clubs have to be identical to the ones previously inserted into the system.

  • Once you have loaded the document, hit 💾 the save button in order to initiate competition.

  • With the click on the Start competition button, the system checks if all the club names from the document are identical to the ones already existing in the system and informs the user of inconsistencies, if there are any. If that occurs, the user has to correct the incorrect data in the Excel document and to upload it again, in the same way.

  • Before loading the document, the previously loaded document needs to be placed in INACTIVE status.

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