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Associations increasingly collect data about the ethnicity of persons registered in the COMET system to promote inclusion and reduce disparities in football participation.

Ethnicity types/options can be defined in the Admin App, and a dropdown field will be enabled on the Person Profile, where the person's ethnicity can be entered during the registration process.

Administration of Ethnicities

The Admin application now includes a feature for managing ethnicity within the Registration section.

  • Administration Application → Registration → Ethnicities

Snimka zaslona 2024-01-30 143918.png

The first tab is used for adding, editing, and deleting ethnicities. Data inputted is stored in the Ethnicities table, where the Namekey column serves as the label for ethnicity, the Code represents the ethnicity code, and the Display name is a translated version of the label.

edit ethnicity.jpg

Within the Configurations tab, the Ethnicity configuration for the tenant is entered.

ethnicity configuration.jpg

The Order number dictates the order of ethnicities for the tenant in the Person UI dropdown. The Default setting ensures that this ethnicity is automatically set when creating a new person, provided the ethnicity is active. Only active ethnicities are displayed for the tenant in the Person UI.

edit ethnicity configuration.jpg


The ethnicity field will be visible in the Person UI when the tenant has defined ethnicities.

ethnicity player registration.jpg

If the tenant hasn't defined ethnicities, the field will not be displayed, even if the person has an ethnicity set. If the tenant has defined ethnicities, but the person has an ethnicity from another tenant, the ethnicity from the other tenant will be included in the dropdown options.


The ethnicity field is incorporated into the Person Registrations report and can be used for additional pivoting and statistical analysis.

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