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FIFA Clearing House Messages

There are 3 types of messages that have been implemented in Comet in order to satisfy the FIFA Clearing House (FCH) requirements, and have been “enabled” since the moment FCH went Live on November 16, 2002:

  1. Domestic Transfer Declaration message

  2. Proof of Payment message

  3. First Pro Registration message

The general process flow for declaring a domestic transfer is the following:

  • MA informs TMS about a transfer using Domestic Transfer Declaration message

  • TMS sends back tmsTransferId which is saved by MA

  • according to the payments schedule, MA sends 1 or more payment messages using Proof of Payment message which are all bound to a particular transfer identified by tmsTransferId

The general process flow for declaring a first professional registration of a player is the following:

  • MA informs TMS about a new professional registration of player who was previously registered as an amateur player, using First Pro Registration message

  • TMS sends back FirstProRegId which is saved by MA

Above mentioned message trigger other actions by TMS for purposes of the FIFA Clearing House. For example, TMS will broadcast a request for player information from all member associations (across all systems that are integrated with FIFA Connect) and each MA will respond with the registration history of the player in their country for their affiliated clubs.

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