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ID Card Templates (PVC)

Identification cards of Players, Coaches or any other registered person, can be printed directly out of COMET onto a PVC plastic format (standard dimensions of a credit card).

▶ These ID cards may incorporate a Barcode, a QR code, or even RFID for purpose of retrieving data, and authenticating the owner of the ID card.

▶ QR code, which is essentially a two-dimensional barcode, is most widely used because it has greater storage capacity than the standard UPC barcode and it can be easily read by any smartphone. This is a simple and accessible method for officials to scan the card of an individual, and check whether she/he is correctly registered, has any active suspensions, etc.

▶ The design of the cards is entirely in the hands of the association, as long as the dimensions remain standard. Printed information is retrieved from the database, and the positioning needs to be arranged with the COMET engineers.

▶ The system allows the upload of multiple templates specific to an association and/or type of registration, or even specific to a competition. However, it is also possible to use one standard template for all ID cards printed from the system.

There are two ways to print the PVC card:

  1. Offset printing of the card, then person’s info & photo from COMET  - print the design on the cards in advance, leaving blank areas for printing person-specific information. Offset printing is much better quality and it makes great financial sense when cards are done in bulk. For this option, the user does NOT need to upload any card design images into the system.

  2. Complete printing of card design & person’s information from COMET - SUPERUSER of the association needs to upload the foreground and background images of the card design into the system. COMET will accept most standard image files, such as .jpg, .png, .tif, etc. It is important that they are of good quality & appropriate size (864 x 564 pix).

The system allows the SUPERUSER of the association to create the templates for these cards and upload foreground and background images of the design.

In order to access this function:

  • Access the user profile Administration tab>🔎 ID Cards Templates

  • Hit the Insert/Save tab to create a new template

  • Fill the necessary data

  • Hit 💾 the Save button to save a new template type for an organization, competition, and any registration type.

Once the template is created, then the appropriate design images can be uploaded using the upload button with the folder icon on the right. ID cards can be edited using the button with the pencil icon on the right.

If the template is no longer valid, it can be deactivated when necessary (use the arrow button)

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