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ID Card Administration

Identification cards of Players, Coaches or any other registered person, can be printed directly out of COMET onto a PVC plastic format (standard dimensions of a credit card), or preferably, it can be distributed electronically in pkpass format.

Functions for defining ID Card templates and options are available in the Administration ->ID Card Templates menu in COMET.

The accordion panel has been used for separating the list of current templates in the data table from the insert/edit form hence it contains two tabs:

  • List

  • Insert/Save

▶ Tab List shows the data table of current templates:

▶ Tab Insert/Save allows inserting a new template or modifying an existing template:

There are also buttons for changing the status of an existing template (arrow button), editin template (pencil button) or uploading new files to the template (folder button)

ℹ In this section check:

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