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My Competitions

Select Competitions> My Competitions on the left nav-bar, in order to load competitions relevant to you. E.g. if you are a Competition Administrator of a Regional Association, all active competitions underneath your organization will be displayed.

My Competitions list displays competitions depending on the user's role and the organization he/she belongs to.

The list of My Competitions is now extended with additional columns: Team type, Discipline, Gender category or Club type (e.g. Football club, Female football club, Futsal club, Female futsal club, Veterans club, etc). The same change is implemented in the My Favorite Competitions menu.

Select a competition to open competition details. If the competition is in progress, the system automatically shows the current round and the list of matches. At the bottom of the list, there is a paging tool that makes the search through the rounds easier.

Instead of selecting a specific Competition from the list, you can also click on the Calendar tab, in which case you will see all the matches of your competitions (from My Competitions list) in calendar view, and you will be able to access directly the match by clicking on that specific match in the calendar.

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